Praise for Broccoli Chronicles

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The following reviews were written by people who devote their time to molding, shaping and educating children.

Broccoli Chronicles is an excellent children’s book that depicts the simplicity, innocence and determination of Myrtle Beckle. Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva captured the purity of a child’s heart along with the imagination and persistence of someone on a mission. Every parent and child will be inspired by the story told in this book because it promotes courage, hope and purpose.” —Darlene Quiveors, First Lady, Mentor and LVN

Broccoli Chronicles is a fun journey into the life of a girl who dares to be different. Myrtle’s ability to be true to herself is a timeless and lifelong message for people of all ages. All too often, in this world, people will stifle their own growth because they won’t go after what they want. Myrtle shows us that when we choose to go against the grain and carve our own path in life, we can unlock our inner power to affect positive change on the world. I love this book and even more so, my eight year old son connected with the overall themes which is most rewarding as a mother, educator, and avid reader.” — Surayyah Muhammad, Special Education Teacher

“Myrtle Beckle is a spunky little girl who is not afraid to embrace her difference. Although she has lost her mother at such a young age, her high-spirited actions encourage readers of all ages to follow their dreams.”—Sonia Olmos, Elementary School Teacher

“Parents will love this book’s endorsement of vegetables, depicted by Taneeka as cool and delicious and even magical.  This chapter book has memorable characters, a strong plot and subplots, and universal themes that children will embrace whole-heartedly. Once they try Broccoli Chronicles, they will no doubt come back for seconds.” —Sara Aiello, Assistant Principal

Broccoli Chronicles encourages young children to take a stand for what they believe in, regardless of discouragement and negativity from other people. As educators, it can be difficult these days to find books that bring adventure, emotion and humor all rolled into one. Myrtle reminded me of my own childhood and the adventures that I had to face, whether good or bad. She is quite a character.”–Sharon Lee, Transition Teacher

“You’ll love Myrtle and this heartwarming quest to discover a cure for cancer so no one has to grow up without a mom, while staying true to herself.”—Kimberly Balala, School Librarian

Building Voices

Building Voices

Building Voices™ is an independent publishing company that specializes in Children’s Fiction and Non-Fiction resources for home and school. Our mission is to build soft voices into outspoken leaders. Get involved in Reading Builds Character, our reading program and nationwide initiative. Check out our award-winning Broccoli Chronicles! We tweet at @buildingvoices.

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