Back to School


1. Make sure that your child has the proper school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, highlighters, spiral notebooks, rulers, glue, etc.

2. Make sure that your child has a sturdy backpack to carry their books and school supplies.

3. Enroll your child in school early so that you and your son or daughter can take a tour of the campus.

4. Visit your local library and sign your child up for a free library card to gain access to tons of books.

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1. Put a welcome sign on your classroom door so that parents and students feel invited into your wonderful learning environment.

2. Create a course syllabus for each subject that you teach and pass them out to every parent.

3. Have a sign-up sheet so that parents can provide you with their contact information and/or sign-up for upcoming events.

4. Make sure that you create adequate lesson plans that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.

5. Print free downloadable worksheets as supplementary material and assignments.

6. Always remember that our goal as teachers is to educate and change lives.

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Building Voices

Building Voices

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