Common Core

The purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to prepare students for post high school by mastering core academic skills that are needed for college and in the workplace.  Common core promotes close reading and writing across the curriculum in order to reinforce literacy, critical thinking, and pertinent writing skills.  The Common Core Standards for ELA want students to read and comprehend a range of complex and informational texts at different difficultly levels.  Common Core standards with Little Kids, Big Voices children's book series

Chapter book series help children read independently at their individual reading level. They are suitable for kids ages 7 – 10 and in some cases 7 – 12 because the story usually takes place in a school setting and is centered around family and/or friendships. Often times, when a child connects with a main character, they will read every book in that series. The skills that they learn in easy readers and chapter books can help them transition to middle grade novels and young adult literature. As a result, this can improve fluency, vocabulary, and the understanding of new words.

The Little Kids, Big Voices series is aligned with common core.  It provides students with the necessary reading and writing skills that are needed to obtain success in this society.

Please visit Common Core Articles for more information regarding the common core standards.

Building Voices

Building Voices

Building Voices™ is an independent publishing company that specializes in Children’s Fiction and Non-Fiction resources for home and school. Our mission is to build soft voices into outspoken leaders. Get involved in Reading Builds Character, our reading program and nationwide initiative. Check out our award-winning Broccoli Chronicles! We tweet at @buildingvoices.

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